Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Great AD&D Amazon Score

The other day I decided to order a 1e AD&D DMG from Amazon.  I mainly wanted a cheap used copy to use as a game aid at the table for our D&D sessions.  The seller was letting it go for around $6 and according to the description from the seller: "a little shelf wear, binding intact, good usable copy."  So I ordered it and it arrived today in the mail, and after opening up the package, I was almost struck unconscious by the condition of this magnificent tome.  The binding was in perfect condition, there was some minor shelf wear on the corners, and the pages were even white with no yellowing!  No drawings or pen marks, no missing pages, and completely intact.  These pictures really don't do it justice, but here they are anyway.

Click to enlarge.  Cover is in remarkable condition.
As you can see above, the cover is in unbelievable condition.  Hard to tell there, but it even still has a little shine to it.

The binding is in near perfect condition.
Just as the seller said the binding is indeed intact, but I was shocked at just how "intact" it was.  No tears, or rips at all.

Pages are white and all there. No markings inside.
I'm not really sure if the pic above can do it justice, but the pages are crisp and white, and not yellowed with age at all nor brittle.  They're all there with no markings or writings.  They look brand new in fact.

Clean back cover with no scratches or scuffs.
The back cover has no scratches or scuffs, and much like the front cover, still has a little shine on it.

To say I was shocked at this find is an understatement.  I'm honestly not certain how they were able to maintain this book in this condition without realizing the value of it.  A copy like this could easily sell for $40-$50 on ebay or some other site.  I was expecting something heavily used and worn out, which was fine, because I was planning on using it at the table myself, as I said above.  Instead, I'm thinking of holding this one back and not using it at all.  It's rare to find a copy of this book in this good a shape and not pay an arm and a leg for it.  I'm very pleased.


  1. There's no joy like unexpected riches :)

    It's a book that I used for years without really reading it, if you catch my meaning.

    I plan to set aside some serious time this year to really delve into it.

  2. Oh yes, rainswept, I know exactly what you mean. When I first started playing DnD we used 1e right out of the gate, because we were able to get the books used cheap at our FLGS because most people had moved on to 2e (which I did eventually as well.) So, when we first started playing, we just used what we were taught by older players who had run 1e and used it mainly for tables (which it is very useful in that regard.) But there is so much about the 1e DMG that trumps the 2e version. IMO the 2e DMG is not a very useful book at all comparatively speaking.

  3. Ah, the 1e DMG - the awesomest of awesome game books. So much in that sucker. I had a score just like yours when I got my $5 copy off of Amazon from some Goodwill location. It's like it was only used for a year or two, and mine is crisp and white as far as the pages, too. I've done more damage to it than the original owner!

  4. Yeah it's always great to get a good find like that, Ohio, especially when its a complete surprise. And I agree, it is the most awesome of game books. It's a bit scattered, but there is so much useful info in the book.

  5. Excellent find :-) I've bought brand new stuff online that was in worse shape.