Monday, July 18, 2011

Hex Map of The Stonelands

Click image to enlarge

Above is my hexographed version of The Stonelands area of Cormyr for my current Cormyr campaign.  I used the free hex mapper at and imported a map I got from Candlekeep of the area to trace over.  Each hex = 6 miles.  The red trail there is a tunnel leading into the Tilverton sewer system from the Stonelands area, which is what my players are currently looking for right now in the game.  I plotted this map out because I imagine they'll be spending a great deal of time in this area over the next few sessions.  Currently I'm working on keying up the important areas on the map.  Although I've played with hexographer here and there, this was the first time I've ever used it to trace a map.  Hexographer is a great tool, although a bit cumbersome to use until you get used to it.  I'm not telling most of you anything new, most likely, as many of you are already very familiar with the program.  I mainly wanted a hex version of this map so I could key up interesting points and keep track of their progress through the area.  There's nothing quite like some good old wilderness hex crawling.


  1. Well, it appears that the image link is not working at the moment, Tom. If they do not get it corrected by this evening I will have to upload it again. Definitely strange. Some of my other images don't appear to be working either.