Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gas-Lite RPG - Weird Science Fantasy Roleplay

What did you do at work today?  Me? I spent my day at work designing an incredibly rules light RPG (the title is an intentional pun) I'm calling Gas-Lite. It's designed as a weird fantasy game with some steampunk elements thrown in. There are basic rules for three classes: Explorer, Sorcerer, and Technologist.  I also developed some really light rules for combat, some weapons, and a few spells to get those sorcerers right in the mix.

Still not sure how I want to go about presenting it. I would like to make it a small book somewhat in the scope of Weird West, but sadly I think I would have to scale back some of what I have already (which isn't a lot as it is.)  Then again, I might just post the rules here on the blog and let people click that little pdf button on the bottom to print copies out.  I'm going to edit what I have tonight, and hopefully post it up this evening. If there is significant interest, I may further develop certain areas like added spells, creatures of myth, airships, and possibly a campaign setting. 

The game itself is bare bones, but there are significant options to customize it to any style game be it high fantasy, sci-fi, or horror. Personally, I am looking at it as a combination with more of a focus on the weird.  We'll see, but I'm anxious to get input.

**EDIT** - Gaslite is now here in 2 forms: A mini pocketmod version for printing and a digital version for convenient viewing on your mobile device/computer.

Download the printable PDF pocketmod version of Gaslite RPG here.
Download the digital friendly version here. 

Folding instructions for the pocketmod version can be found here.

**EDIT** Thanks for the heads-up there Ohio. Name of the project is Gas-Lite as of now.