Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Links Around the OSRsphere

Some interesting links from the past week or so from around the OSRsphere.

Raggi lists out a set of submission guidelines for creators looking to submit adventure material for LotFP.

Tim posted a blog marathon asking gamers to show off their dice (which I participated in as well.)  Lots of cool dice out there.

GenCon is in full swing, and the OSR has a booth.  If you're at the Con, swing by booth 1541 and have a look at some old school greatness.

Trollsmyth has been working up an excellent series of posts on hexmapping.

There's a pretty interesting an in-depth examination of traps and their uses/design over on BX/Blackrazor

Jeff Rients has a great article with some advice on running an OSR game at your FLGS.

Not to toot my own horn, but I spent a couple of days this week working up a very rules lite weird fantasy RPG in pocketmod format similar to the layout used for Weird West.  Check it out and download it for free.

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