Thursday, August 25, 2011

d30 Table for Boons and Bad Luck in Character Creation

This is a simple d30 table to use to spice up the character creation process.  Below are 30 attributes 15 of which are good, or boons, for the character, while the other 15 are considered negative in some fashion.  During the character creation process you simply tell the player about the table, and give them the option to take a chance on the roll, but the boon or curse, for lack of a better term, is considered permanent throughout the character's life, and should not be re-rolled unless specified by the table.  I would recommend rolling these early in the process of character generation (i.e. after rolling ability scores, choosing race and class, but before buying equipment or selecting proficiencies or skills.)
d30 Table for Boons or Bad Luck
1. Character begins game with no starting money or equipment 
2. Adept with the arcane. Magic users begin game with ability to cast 1 additional 1st level spell (re-roll for non magic-users)
3. Weakness to cold. -1 to hit in cold environments and -1 to all saves vs cold attacks
4. Scholarly. +1 to Intelligence stat
5. Poor aim. -2 to hit with any missile weapon
6. Favored by divine being. Clerics can turn undead at one level higher (re-roll for non clerics)
7. Easily surprised. -1 penalty to surprise rolls
8. Improved health. Character starts with 3 additional hit points
9. Poor upbringing. -10% starting gold pieces.
10. Improved natural strength. +1 to Strength stat
11. Fear of snakes.  Will react per Fear spell when encountering any kind of snake, or snake-like creature
12. Small amount of elven/dwarven lineage gives human character 10' infravision (re-roll for demi-humans)
13. Prone to sickness and disease.  5% added penalty when faced with prospect of contracting a disease or illness
14. Hated enemy.  +1 to attack any monster type of player's choice
15. Poor vision.  -1 additional penalty in low-light situations. -10' infravision for demi-humans
16. Hearty Constitution. +1 to Constitution stat
17. Weakness against poison. -1 to all saving throws vs poison
18. Quick movement. Increase movement rate by 1
19. Poor health. Character starts with 1 less hit point
20. Begins game with twice the amount of rolled starting gold pieces
21. Apprehension to magic. -1 to all save vs spells
22. Wise soul. +1 to Wisdom stat
23. Naturally clumsy. -1 to all Dexterity checks
24. Quick healer. Character heals 1 additional hit point when resting for a full day
25. Unable to read or write in character's own language, or any other language (re-roll for magic users)
26. Hardness. Natural +2 bonus to Armor Class
27. Weak tolerance to alcohol. Incurs penalties from drinking twice as fast as normal
28. Natural agility. +1 to Dexterity stat
29. Bad night at the brothel. Character starts with a venereal disease that causes -1 penalty to all rolls until cured.
30. Weapon of choice bonus. +2 to hit with one preferred weapon type (longsword, short bow, broad sword, etc.)