Monday, August 22, 2011

Avoiding Pitfalls in GMing

Hill Cantons' recent challenge has turned out a fantastic array of solid GM advice from the far corners of the gaming blogosphere, and while I chimed in with my own entry, this challenge made me think of something else; what NOT to do as the GM.  Now, we can all agree on the normal things to avoid as a GM such as fudging dice rolls, railroading players into a storyline which places them as mere puppets in your table-top fantasy novel, etc.  These things are pretty much common-place obstacles to avoid when sitting behind the screen, but aside from these, I'd like to hear from other gamers and GMs on which 3 pitfalls they think are most important to avoid as GMs.
I plan on having my own take up here this afternoon.  For those who respond, I'll create another entry collecting them with links, so post away links to your entries here in the comments, if you are so inclined.  I'm interested to hear and learn from you, and really, isn't tha what this whole blogging thing is all about anyway?  So, let's hear it.