Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BHD: One of the Fastest Growing OSR Blogs?

*BHD being my own little abbreviation for Black Hole Diaries

According to a recent post by Cyclopeatron, BHD made the top 5 fastest growing OSR blogs from Dec. 16th to Jan. 31st with a net gain of 36 followers over that time.  This led me to think, is this truly an accurate reflection of a strong growth, or am I merely just lucky in my first month?  My blog is just barely 6 weeks old, and I've been very fortunate to have been stumbled upon by other bloggers in the OSR who linked me early on.  Tim Shorts over at Gothridge Manner linked to my blog when it was still in its infancy.  Recently I got a significant bump in followers thanks to James from Underdark Gazette, who linked my crypts of Azeoul Vhezian dungeon pdf and my map of Numendyr.

I like to think that I write enjoyable and entertaining posts, but I find myself scratching my head at the sudden bump in followers.  I guess people like what I'm posting, which is good.  I have tried, in these first 6 weeks, to "bring something to the table" so to speak in the OSR/gaming community by posting useful things such as the crypts, or my low level magic items, etc.  More of that type of stuff is coming in the future as well, along with my very opinionated rants/posts sprinkled in here or there. 

Still I've found it curious that the blog has gained such an increase so rapidly particularly because of my focus and lean more towards 2nd edition AD&D, a format reviled by many in the OSR community.  In fact, a great many don't even consider 2nd edition to be part of the "OSR" at all, which is fine.  I've often chimed in that I'm not sure where I fall in the old school/new school debate, I just know what I like and what I'm most familiar with, and that is AD&D 2nd edition. 

Regardless, I'd just like to take a moment and thank everyone who has stumbled upon my musings and clicked the little follow icon.  Also, I'd like to thank all those within the OSR community that shared my blog and gave me a chance to grow.  Hopefully I can continue posting interesting entries, and keep the momentum rolling.