Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Arrived in the Mail: MERP Box Set

Recently I was surfing over at Troll and Toad Games, and stumbled across some of the old MERP stuff by ICE from the 80's.  I recall dabbling with this game back in the day, and couldn't pass up on the opportunity to pick up a copy of the 1986 boxed set for only $19.

After about a week, it arrived, and I must say, considering the fact that this boxed set is 25 years old, it was in fantastic shape. Just some minor wear on the bottom edge, but the rest of the set was well put together and in fantastic condition.  No page tears in the rulebook, or missing parts from the set.  The two 20 sided dice that were included are not the original dice included, but that's okay. 

Having simply skimmed over the rules last night briefly, it seemed the system is a bit cumbersome in areas.  While I played this a couple of times years ago, the mechanics are lost on me.  Still, the opportunity to do a fantasy role play in Middle Earth has always intrigued me.  Sure, a campaign could easily be adapted using a clone or some form of DnD rules, but I wanted to give the old system a shot.  I'm not exactly sure when, or even if, I will get a chance to play this again, but it's a nice thing to have for the collection anyway.

If any of you readers out there have some of the old MERPS stuff from ICE just laying around collecting dust, I'd sure like to have it. Just drop me a line at robertchandler AT gmail DOT com.