Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Low-Level Magic Items

I noticed an interesting post over at Beyond the Black Gate regarding magic items for 1st level characters.  I thought it was a cool concept and decided to throw in some of my own. 
Mage: Ring of the Diviner
This ring is a simple gold band with a small clear stone.  It's given to lower level novice mages, and allows the wearer to use the following spells once per day: Identify, Read Magic, and Comprehand Languages
Ranger: Cloak of Passing
This hooded woodland cloak is made of sturdy wool and allows the wearer to move through woodlands as if a Pass Without Trace spell has been cast.  The effect can be used once per day for up to 3 hours.
Bard: Lute of Harmony
This finely crafted wooden lute has elven runes etched into its neck.  When used by a Bard it provides a +1 to attack and saving throws to all party members within a 100 foot radius for as long as the instrument is played.
Druid: Staff of Entanglement
This staff is simple in appearance.  Made of fine ash wood it looks like a simple walking stick.  Once per day the Druid can cast an Entangle spell.  If the effect is used in a woodland area (i.e. a forest) the recipient receives a -2 to his/her saving throw.